Finding a reputable insurance broker for your commercial property coverages is necessary for business success. Business owners invest a significant amount of time, money, and resources to build their business into successful operations. Unexpected disasters and interruptions to business can occur in a moments notice and have a significant impact on financial sustainability. Business interruption insurance in conjunction with standard property insurance must be purchased to protect your valuable assets in the event of a disaster. Business owners must carefully examine their standard policy to understand the coverage and exclusions. Generally speaking, business interruption insurance is not automatically packaged with property damage coverage. A reputableRead More →

Hurricane Sandy struck the North Eastern coastal states in late October 2012 causing damage estimated at $63 billion of which $10-$20 billion is to be paid out by insurers for property damage. To put the scope of Sandy’s damage in perspective, Hurricane Irene caused insurers $4 billion is claims back in 2011. Ever since the flood waters receded from areas struck by Hurricane Sandy, people have been wondering if property owners nationwide will see their insurance premiums increase as a result. The short answer to that question as of January 2013 is: maybe. The reason the answer to that question remains a definite “maybe” isRead More →

Late-Season Hurricanes Have Potential To Cause Billions In Damages Hurricanes do immense amounts of damage to private property as well as infrastructure when they hit land, but frequently, and fortunately, the costs of the damage are at least limited to millions of dollars. However, late-season hurricanes can cause even more problems for a number of different reasons. In particular, mid-latitude weather systems can impact late-season hurricanes that may make the results even worse. A hurricane that hits the US generally forms in the tropical waters of the southern North Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. The tropical cyclone then moves westward toward the US coastline,Read More →

The auto insurance companies do not just use your driving record to determine your premium — the type of car you drive and its intrinsic characteristics figure into that equation too. If safety technology is incorporated into your car’s basic design, then accidents will be less severe, repair costs will be lower and your premiums will be lower. If your car is imported, that means higher premiums because the cost of repairs will then depend on the more expensive imported parts –insurance companies must pay out higher reimbursements for imported parts. If, on the other hand, your car is designed to make repairs easy, thenRead More →

Insurance firms have broadened the options they provided to their policyholders and potential clients through the internet. Being the superhighway engine, the internet has now been used as one major tool for insurance online shopping. It provides you with all kinds of information and help regarding your insurance needs whether searching for an insurance company, looking for an insurance agent, understanding your policy needs, getting quotations, comparing insurance rates, and enrolling for an insurance policy. Insurance online shopping truly provides convenience for many shoppers of various insurance policies. Yet, it is prone to online risks and frauds. One can never rely too much on theRead More →

If you own commercial property, you’d definitely want to keep your property covered and secured. Insuring a commercial property is not as covering a standard property with standard insurance; you need to have specialized advice on how you can go about covering commercial property. Also one should consider that there are different types of business property, each with their own sense of purpose and type of business. Each of them has its own set of perils, dangers and risk, which needs coverage. Let us think that you own a retail store, the coverage will be totally separate from what you’d need if you owned aRead More →

For most Americans, their home is the most valuable piece of property they have. People work hard just to be able to afford to pay for their homes, and unlike buying a car or an expensive gadget, they spend 10, 15, or even 20 years paying for their house. For this reason, homeowners get an insurance coverage for their house, so that they are protected in case something happens that could damage or even destroy their property. A home insurance policy is considered an essential for anyone who owns a house. But the decision to purchase insurance coverage is only the first step—you also needRead More →

Most people consider their houses to be the most valuable investment of their lives. If you are one of those people, then you must protect your precious investment by getting a home insurance. In order to get the best suitable deal on your home insurance policy, it is necessary for you to go for comparison shopping. Getting a cover for your home is usually quite an expensive affair and finding the lowest rates is not the only purpose of a comparison shopping. There are various other factors that need to be considered before you start comparing the home insurance quotes. You can customize a homeRead More →

“Just a few inches of water from a flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage” as per National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This statement itself underlines the fact that how necessary it is for you to get the flood insurance. Regular homeowners’ insurance policies, also referred to as hazard insurance, do not provide cover for damages resulting from flooding. A separate insurance policy is needed to cover against flooding. Homeowners living in low-risk areas are generally not required to have the flood insurance. Based on the mortgage arrangement, homeowners residing in high-risk areas may also don’t have to purchase this policy. However,Read More →

They say money saved is money earned. In our temptation towards buying luxurious things or our habitual need to shop, we end up blowing way too much money than we think and regret later. There are quite a few people who are actually going therapy for treating their shopping addiction. Let us look at how you save money on various things that you buy or do in life 1. Saving money while shopping: Instead of shopping instinctively, go according to a plan. Make a list of things that you need beforehand and then go to shop. Make it clear that you are going to stickRead More →