In today’s world, we need insurance. Insurance covers us when things go wrong, and provides us with a safety net should something awful happen. This is especially true for those of us who rent an apartment, duplex or other place to live. Renters have most of the same risks that home owners have, such as the need to protect personal possessions and even being liable for accidents that happen within the apartment. If you do decide to obtain renters insurance, there are various policies and levels of protection available. Not all polices are equal. Also you need to remember just because your landlord has insuranceRead More →

While homeowners insurance isn’t a topic that most people tend to think about, many homeowners and investors who own two or more properties are often over looking a place where they can save money, their property insurance. Very few property owners know about and take full advantage of discounts on their home owners insurance polices. There are a multitude of savings for property owners on home owners insurance but it is up to the consumer to ask for and look for these discounts. The insurance companies will not disclose these discounts unless asked. Investors who own multiple properties could see discounts upwards of 35% onRead More →

Car insurance is a social and legal requirement and many states have implemented minimum coverage limits for their residents. Mandatory coverage protects other drivers and personal property from uninsured motorists. Lawmakers intended to ensure that every driver had adequate insurance coverage and to reduce the amount of claims absorbed by the insured party who was not in the wrong. However, the end result of mandatory minimum coverage was a bit different from the expectation. High Risk Drivers Motorists who have experienced multiple traffic citations or a DUI in the past are considered by insurance companies to be higher risks than drivers who have clean drivingRead More →

These days, every single auto insurance company claims you could save money on your car insurance by switching to their policy. The reality is that there are so many insurance companies out there, and too many variables for any one insurance company to make a blanket claim that they offer the best auto insurance rates. The only way to get the best possible auto insurance is to seek out competitive auto insurance quotes. 1) One method to get the most competitive auto insurance quote is to know what type of policy coverage you want. Not all auto insurance policies are equal. While one auto insuranceRead More →

An important responsibility of owning a car is paying for its insurance. Homeowners also need to protect their properties by purchasing insurance coverage for damages. Both auto and home insurance coverage are essential and will take a significant amount of the overall cost of insurance that you pay on different coverages. Although not all policies are the same, when you are choosing the right coverage for your home or car, you should check a number of things, which determine the dependability of the insurer. There are times when the big names in the insurance industry may not offer the best coverage and services. Choosing anRead More →

Property losses associated with hail, wind, freezing, and water damages causes a lot of damages for homeowners. Winter weather comes with a lot of destruction from the strong winds, hails, and frozen water. Homeowners need to review their insurance coverage before winter approaches to ensure they are properly covered of the damages, which could arise. If you fail to take actions in advance, you may be caught out in the cold while you assume you have coverage, which in the real sense, you do not have. The extreme cold during winter causes frozen pipes and pipe bursts which lead to water damage. Similarly, high winds,Read More →

There is much anticipation following the introduction of new healthcare insurance exchanges, which will kick off in January 2014. Millions of consumers will be able to compare and buy health coverage through an online marketplace, as long as the website does not continue to crash and cause shopping confusion. These exchanges may be attractive to people who qualify for subsidized coverage. People within low to moderate income levels could be eligible for tax credit that is used straightforward like a gift, something that could reduce their monthly premiums. Although it applies in most of the plans not within the exchange programs, people with pre-existing conditionsRead More →

With the government shutdown keeping many federal and government workers at home and in dire straits, what more could be affected by the shutdown. When congress shut down the government, they put many non-essential federal workers out of a job and out of wages. This put a lot of people in fear that the government shutdown would start a catastrophic snowball and affect every industry in the nation with one fail swoop! Will what happened to government workers affect the insurance companies? Fortunately, the government shutdown will not have an adverse effect on the insurance industry. Since insurance is regulated by each state and notRead More →

California Auto Insurance Rates Ranking Even if it is not required by law, auto insurance is a necessity in any state in America. While insurance usually ranges around the same area depending on the style, type and even color of your car different states have different minimum rates to obtain auto insurance on your vehicles. These different rates depend on different things such as the state’s size, the population and the amount of accidents in the state. California is among the top 10 states that have the highest car insurance rates. It is the seventh most expensive in the United States. This can be causedRead More →