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Best Compare And SaveOn Auto Insurance GET QUOTES Rates – Cheap Car Insurance Quotes For Newark New Jersey

best auto quotes and insurance rates newark new jersey

New Jersey Compare And SaveOn Auto Insurance GET QUOTES Coverage Requirements

Coverage Required Amount Typical Driver
Bodily Injury Liability 15,000/30,000 100,000/300,000
Property Damage Liability 5,000 50,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury 15,000/30,000 15,000/30,000
Medical Payments Not required 5,000
Collision Not required 500 deductible
Comprehensive Not required 250 deductible

Helping Newark Drivers Find The Best Policy Coverage For The Lowest Rates

In regards to obtaining car insurance in New Jersey, one has various options. There are certain guidelines to follow while getting the best auto insurance in New Jersey. There are different policies available to suit different needs. The first step to obtaining car insurance in New Jersey is selecting an insurance policy for a vehicle. There are basic and standard policies attainable. The ideal policy will be able to fit your financial and insurance needs.

The cheapest auto insurance policy option is the basic policy but it also has limited coverage in comparison with the standard policy. It covers $5000 of property damage in each accident. It covers $15,000 of personal injury protection for each person in each accident. Also, it also covers up to $250,000 of injuries that are proven to be very severe (permanent).

A more expensive option in regards to auto policies is the standard policy but it has better coverage. It covers $15,000 of bodily injury liability which is for people not in the car but involved in the accident. It also covers $30,000 of bodily injured liability for multiple people in an accident. There is $5,000 covered for property damage in each accident. In addition, there is $15,000 covered for personal injury in each accident for each person in the car. In regards to severe injuries, it covers up to $250,000.

Leading Carriers – Liberty Mutual, Allstate, USAA, Progressive, State Farm, Farm Bureau, AAA, The General, The Hartford, Nationwide, GEICO, Safeco

In New Jersey, when involved in a car accident and carrying the standard policy, one has the right to sue for suffering and pain. If one chooses to sue, however, he/she cannot sue for medical bills or income loss (because it is covered by policy). There is an unlimited right to sue option but it comes with a higher premium because there are broader options and rights. The cheapest right to sue option is the limited right to sue and it has limitations as to when one can sue. One has to sustain certain injuries in order to have the ability to sue. It is important to note that the only right to sue option available with the basic policy is the limited right to sue.

Certain Federal Medicaid members are qualified for the Special Automobile Insurance Policy in New Jersey. This is a cheaper auto insurance policy alternative but it only covers medical expenses for car accidents.

Aside from the basic and standard auto insurance policies, there are additional coverage options available from auto insurance carriers in New Jersey. The various types of coverage typically include comprehensive, collision, towing and labor coverage and rental car coverage. The comprehensive coverage covers car damage not sustained in car accidents. Collision coverage helps cover accident damages. It is important to note that the comprehensive and collision coverage policies aren’t mandatory in the state of New Jersey. However, if one has a car loan, the lien holder will require these types of auto coverage policies.

It is clear there are certain guidelines to follow when obtaining the best auto insurance in the state of New Jersey. One must analyze which policy is the best fit in regards to auto insurance and financial needs or requirements. Another way to lock in savings is to consider bundling your policy with home insurance, to get lower rates and more favorable options, be sure to ask your agent if this is the right option for you.

Connect with a local Newark broker to review additional coverage and options

Zanetta Glover
570 Broad Street 1st Floor Suite 114, Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 648-0699
State Farm

Padavano Vouga Frankel
128 Ferry St, Newark, NJ 07105
(973) 589-2300

T E Freuler Agency
274-278 Chestnut St, Newark, NJ 07105
(973) 274-0500

Ironbound Business Insurance Agency
275 Chestnut St, Newark, NJ 07105
(973) 344-6698

Celia Caro
66 Wilson Ave, Newark, NJ 07105
(973) 690-6400

DRP Insurance Associates
535 Harrison Ave, Newark, NJ 07112
(973) 481-0050

Dynasty Agency
83 Kearny Ave, Newark, NJ 07112
(201) 997-2303

Monak Insurance Agency
583 Central Ave, Newark, NJ 07107
(973) 350-7850

John Costa
186 Kearny Ave, Newark, NJ 07112
(201) 998-5600
State Farm

Sas Insurance Agency
233 Kearny Ave, Newark, NJ 07112
(201) 997-2360

E.S.T.I.R Insurance
326 Bloomfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07107
(973) 481-5330

F J Della Fera Agency
208 1st Ave W, Newark, NJ 07107
(973) 482-5858

T&B Financial Services
399 Myrtle Ave., Newark, NJ 07112
(973) 393-4213
State Farm

Maritza Ferreira
437 Kearny Ave, Newark, NJ 07112
(201) 998-8400

Massey Insurance Agency
46 Lyons Ave, Newark, NJ 07112
(973) 926-6300

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