Most people are not prepared to shell out (most likely on their credit cards) over $1000.00 to a veterinarian for unforeseen veterinary care expenses. Every six seconds, a pet owner is faced with a vet bill for more than $1,000. Pet insurance is the protection you and your pet need. Did you know that the cost of veterinary care has more than doubled over the past 10 years? This is due in part to new and innovative pet treatments and therapies. By insuring your pet, you can have the assurance that if your pet ever gets sick or injured, your pets veterinary care will beRead More →

Health care experts for months have been making dire warnings that the Obama health care system would lead to much higher premiums for consumers nationwide. Today this is has come to pass, as on October 26th Federal officials admitted publicly that consumers are seeing noticeable increases to their health care premiums. These same officials stated that the price of the second lowest cost mid range plan, the “silver plan” has increased on average by 7.5% in 32 states across the nation. 60% of people enrolled in that plan will see an increase of roughly 6.3%, according to the Health and Human Services department. This exactRead More →

Many insurance institutions make it hard not to choose them to hold your policy when they offer new and exciting discounts. Of course, all of this looks appealing to the eyes of the homeowner. If you have recently purchased a home and are looking for insurance, chances are you’re going to try and take the cheap route out. Homeowners all over the world need to insure their homes to make sure that when a disaster strikes, they will be covered. New clients will be discounted and then when it comes time to renew your policy, what then? How come you aren’t receiving the discounts thatRead More →

Insurance is a frustrating thing to buy, yet it is a very important purchase. Basically, it is risk management. The client transfers the risk of a loss to an insurance company in exchange for premiums. Most people hope that they never have to actually use their insurance policies, but what exactly happens after you file a claim? If you’re a homeowner who is filing a claim this year, brace yourself to see a large hike in rate cost. A recent industry study ame to the conclusion that on average, filing just one claim on your home insurance policy will result in a 9% increase toRead More →

Many homeowners will take a discount where they can get it, especially when it comes to a discount in home insurance premiums each month. But, did you know that where you live in proximity to a fire station affect’s how much you pay for your insurance each month? Many people don’t. Many people move out to the country to get some much needed space and fresh air, but because of this, you will probably pay more each year for insurance for your home. In Kansas, a local homeowner lives in a small town where there is one fire station. Unfortunately, this fire station is moving,Read More →

Most homeowner’s don’t think about this because they pay premiums each year, but what if your home was damaged or destroyed, do you think that you would get the amount that you’re actually insured for? Many people believe that the answer to this is yes, but it isn’t as black and white as it would seem. A prime example of this is a couple living in a home that got badly burned in December of last year. They lost everything. Their home and their contents were completely irreparable. A Christmas tree fire caused the whole home to go in flames, and it badly burned theRead More →

It is not just humans that need insurance. Most people own pets, and as any pet owner knows, veterinary bills can be quite expensive. Did you know there are plenty of pet insurance plans? They act like humans health care plans, but for your pets. If you want to guard against potentially high vet bills should the unforeseen happen to your beloved pet(s), then pet insurance is what you need. Most vets require payment in full up front, should a serious accident, health condition or emergency happen to your pet, health insurance for your pet can mean the difference of your pet receiving the bestRead More →

The sheer number of disastrous natural weather events that occur in Florida annually has caused many insurance companies to not offer home insurance in the state. Currently, multiple small companies have bridged the gap, but many of the companies are new without discernible records to assess their performance. This is the primary problem in Florida. Recently, the state has instituted some online tools to assist in the hunt, but the lack of experience for many of the companies make it impossible to completely be sure of their services. The available insurance is sometimes government subsidized in various forms, but the companies run the gamut. FloridaRead More →

Dealing with water damage in your home is stressful enough, so why should the claims process add more stress and frustration to your life? It doesn’t have to! In this article we will provide you with some helpful tips that can make the claims process go smoothly and hassle free for you! The first thing is that water damage and flooding are two very different things, so don’t just assume that your home is flooded, or has undergone a flood. Now, most insurance companies understand that when a pipe in your home bursts and causes water damage that it isn’t the same thing as aRead More →

It is bad enough that car insurance costs a lot. With a bad driving record, auto insurance will cost even more and insurance companies may even deny or drop your insurance application altogether. Keeping a clean slate for your driving record is a must in order to avoid high insurance rates. But if you were unfortunate enough to have tarnished your record and has been once an inattentive driver, how long would your insurance fate numbered by points on your driving record be? Earning Points for Traffic Violations Traffic violations that are being given points are called moving violations. These are violations made when doingRead More →