Open Enrollment Begins But No Slowdown In Premium Increases On The Horizon

Health care experts for months have been making dire warnings that the Obama health care system would lead to much higher premiums for consumers nationwide. Today this is has come to pass, as on October 26th Federal officials admitted publicly that consumers are seeing noticeable increases to their health care premiums. These same officials stated that the price of the second lowest cost mid range plan, the “silver plan” has increased on average by 7.5% in 32 states across the nation. 60% of people enrolled in that plan will see an increase of roughly 6.3%, according to the Health and Human Services department. This exact data has not yet been revealed to the public, we have only the statements from the Health and Human Services department to go on at this time, but there is no reason for them to mislead the public about the rising costs of health care in the country.

Obama was able to push this law into effect by claiming that it would in fact drive down the costs of health care. Yet experience has shown the American public other wise, in fact for most Americans, there has been a steady increase in premiums and co-payments since this law has taken effect. This is just going to be fuel for republicans attempt to overturn this health care law.

Open enrollment for these plans begins on November 1st. The Obama administration of course is encouraging consumers to go online and enroll in a plan. This is being done in an attempt to get more consumers into the plans to see if this will impact the rising costs involved with the plans themselves. The theory is that if more people enroll, that it will drive down the costs of the plans for everyone overall, since at the moment healthy people are paying the way for indigent sick people. In order for Obama care to ever work as intended, young healthy people must sign up for these plans in record numbers. Yet most young people today balk at ever signing up for one of these plans, instead opting to take a gamble with the tax penalty levied on anyone who does not enroll.

Yet even with this information, the CEO of Health-insurance marketplaces, Kevin Counihan, stated that “For most consumers, premium increases for 2016 are in the single digits and they will be able to find plans for less than $100 a month,”. Yet most of the popular plans that people are used to, are seeing increases in the double-digits now and well into 2016. Premiums have been rising due to unforeseen costs, such as having to offer so much to the poorest people of the country, but also due to fact that no matter what your health history is, you cannot be denied coverage, no matter what pre-existing condition you may have, with very little room to adjust these peoples premiums. What has happened is the healthy are bankrolling the sicks health care, as medical professionals had predicted.

Deals can still be found, but you may find that the better coverage that you seek will cost more than it had in the past. Also despite President Obama’s assurance that people could keep their old doctors, many of these plans restrict you in that choice, also many doctors have dropped seeing patients who carry certain plans. If seeing your old doctor is a must, ask you doctor which plans they accept before open enrollment begins in November.

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