Many insurance institutions make it hard not to choose them to hold your policy when they offer new and exciting discounts. Of course, all of this looks appealing to the eyes of the homeowner. If you have recently purchased a home and are looking for insurance, chances are you’re going to try and take the cheap route out. Homeowners all over the world need to insure their homes to make sure that when a disaster strikes, they will be covered. New clients will be discounted and then when it comes time to renew your policy, what then? How come you aren’t receiving the discounts thatRead More →

Insurance is a frustrating thing to buy, yet it is a very important purchase. Basically, it is risk management. The client transfers the risk of a loss to an insurance company in exchange for premiums. Most people hope that they never have to actually use their insurance policies, but what exactly happens after you file a claim? If you’re a homeowner who is filing a claim this year, brace yourself to see a large hike in rate cost. A recent industry study ame to the conclusion that on average, filing just one claim on your home insurance policy will result in a 9% increase toRead More →