Finding Homeowners Insurance Discounts To Get Lower Rates

Many homeowners will take a discount where they can get it, especially when it comes to a discount in home insurance premiums each month. But, did you know that where you live in proximity to a fire station affect’s how much you pay for your insurance each month? Many people don’t.

Many people move out to the country to get some much needed space and fresh air, but because of this, you will probably pay more each year for insurance for your home. In Kansas, a local homeowner lives in a small town where there is one fire station. Unfortunately, this fire station is moving, which means his insurance cost will increase by $1,000. In April of 2014, the fire station in his town moved to a different town, pushing him out of the five mile radius for the insurance discount.

This fire station made the move for practical reasons of course. As the city limits of the town began to expand and more people began to move there, they wanted to accommodate this new population by moving the fire station closer to where the larger population was. For homeowner’s insurance, if you live within a five mile radius of a fire station, you may a lower price.

The man who lives in this small town says that currently, he pays about $1,000 a year for basic homeowner’s insurance. Because the fire station moved about 2 miles away from its original location, it changed him from being within a five mile radius to a seven mile radius, meaning that he won’t be covered. This means that yearly he will pay about $2,000 dollars worth in insurance premiums. Living by a fire station gives you a %50 savings of insurance, so the person who is paying $2,000 a year as a class 10 and they become a class 5 would pay about $1,000 a year for home owners insurance.

But, this doesn’t mean that this rule will stay official forever. Relief may be on the way, as officials with the fire department are looking to get approval to expand the area in which people will receive a discounted price. That means that homeowners, just like the man living in the small town, who live within a 5-7 mile radius of the fire station will get a bit of a break.

These changes could go into effect as early as next week if all goes as planned!

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