It is not just humans that need insurance. Most people own pets, and as any pet owner knows, veterinary bills can be quite expensive. Did you know there are plenty of pet insurance plans? They act like humans health care plans, but for your pets. If you want to guard against potentially high vet bills should the unforeseen happen to your beloved pet(s), then pet insurance is what you need. Most vets require payment in full up front, should a serious accident, health condition or emergency happen to your pet, health insurance for your pet can mean the difference of your pet receiving the bestRead More →

The sheer number of disastrous natural weather events that occur in Florida annually has caused many insurance companies to not offer home insurance in the state. Currently, multiple small companies have bridged the gap, but many of the companies are new without discernible records to assess their performance. This is the primary problem in Florida. Recently, the state has instituted some online tools to assist in the hunt, but the lack of experience for many of the companies make it impossible to completely be sure of their services. The available insurance is sometimes government subsidized in various forms, but the companies run the gamut. FloridaRead More →