The Cost of Having Points in Your Driving Record

It is bad enough that car insurance costs a lot. With a bad driving record, auto insurance will cost even more and insurance companies may even deny or drop your insurance application altogether. Keeping a clean slate for your driving record is a must in order to avoid high insurance rates. But if you were unfortunate enough to have tarnished your record and has been once an inattentive driver, how long would your insurance fate numbered by points on your driving record be?

Earning Points for Traffic Violations

Traffic violations that are being given points are called moving violations. These are violations made when doing something illegal or dangerous while you are driving a car. The severity of the violation is the criteria for the number of points you get. This means that the points that you earned will spell out how terrible a driver you are and how bad a potential client you will be for any insurance company.
The worth of points for each violation varies on different states as they use different formula in computing them. They also differ on counting how much points it would take to have your license suspended in a particular state.

How Long Will Points Stay on Your Record?

Assuming that you are eyeing up a new policy, previous violations may be bugging your thoughts and you are worried about your points. Insurance companies check approximately three years’ worth of records. Most states keep point records for three years so it is safe to say that you need to apply for car insurance three years after an unfortunate road violation.

Be aware, though, that insurance companies also look for minor violations you have committed in the past. This means that even though you have only a few points for the severe violations, minor tickets will still count when they compute for a policy.

The Importance of Keeping a Few Points on Your Driving Record

More than avoiding having your license suspended, a few points on your record will guarantee give you the best rates for auto insurance. It is a standard procedure to have your driving record checked once you apply for car insurance. Even when you are just renewing your policy, insurance agencies may still be digging up the records and evaluate your eligibility for auto insurance.

What Can You Do to Keep a Clean Slate?

Maintaining a clean driving record is possible with a few smart moves. Aside from being a responsible driver, it is recommended to have an update with new traffic rules if there are any. You can also take seminars about defensive driving or enrolling yourself to a traffic- safety course. There are states (Florida, DC, Virginia) that take points off your record if you can complete state- approved driving courses. Insurance companies might consider giving credit for changing into a better driver rather than basing their calculations on the accumulated points in your record. But, to be safe, wait until your points are dropped off before asking for insurance quotes. Knowing when it is best to apply for an auto insurance makes a big difference on how much you will pay for it.

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