What Auto Insurance Companies Are Best To Work With If You Have Had A DUI

Car insurance is a social and legal requirement and many states have implemented minimum coverage limits for their residents. Mandatory coverage protects other drivers and personal property from uninsured motorists. Lawmakers intended to ensure that every driver had adequate insurance coverage and to reduce the amount of claims absorbed by the insured party who was not in the wrong. However, the end result of mandatory minimum coverage was a bit different from the expectation.

High Risk Drivers
Motorists who have experienced multiple traffic citations or a DUI in the past are considered by insurance companies to be higher risks than drivers who have clean driving records. This means that drivers with a DUI are likely to pay more – up to twice as much more – in auto insurance premiums. While nearly every major insurance carrier has a special division for high risk policies, there are a few insurers who stand out among their peers by providing special rates for drivers with a DUI in their past.

Car Insurance After DUI

The General Auto Insurance Company is dedicated to providing insurance coverage for high risk drivers who have not been able to obtain an insurance policy elsewhere. For more than half a century The General has offered a solution to drivers who have had their insurance policy and even their driving license suspended or revoked. The company believes in second chances and offers an affordable option for motorists who are rebuilding their driving reputations.

Serenity Insurance is another company that provides insurance coverage specifically for drivers who have received a DUI conviction. This insurer has been in the business for more than thirty years and is able to provide insight to drivers who are attempting to obtain coverage after an alcohol related driving offense. Knowledgeable customer service agents offer information and assistance to customers who need help filing paperwork with relevant motor vehicle agencies within each state.

Titan Insurance is a subsidiary of the Nationwide Insurance Group that focuses their attention on providing non-standard insurance policies to drivers who have received moving violations, DUIs, and DWIs. They understand the rules and regulations that govern drivers in each state and will be able to assist new policyholders in completing the necessary paperwork and setting up insurance coverage that meets driver needs as well as state minimum requirements where applicable.

Drivers who are looking for a new insurance policy after an unfortunate blemish in their driving record should take the time to search out and compare quotes from insurance companies who specialize in offering polices to drivers with similar situations. Insurance premiums may increase after a DUI but ample coverage is still available to affected drivers.

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