What Insurance Companies Are Rated Best If You Combine Your Auto and Home Coverage

An important responsibility of owning a car is paying for its insurance. Homeowners also need to protect their properties by purchasing insurance coverage for damages. Both auto and home insurance coverage are essential and will take a significant amount of the overall cost of insurance that you pay on different coverages. Although not all policies are the same, when you are choosing the right coverage for your home or car, you should check a number of things, which determine the dependability of the insurer.

There are times when the big names in the insurance industry may not offer the best coverage and services. Choosing an insurance company without reading the fine prints can plunge you into troubles when catastrophes occur. Many consumers do not realize the suitability of an insurer until that time they are confronted with claim issues.

Whether it is a car or home insurance, you need to inspect things like the deductible, coverage, and discounts. Besides, you should also examine the service delivery especially when it comes to executing a claim process. This is where many insurers fail in meeting the demands of their clients. If a company has issues with its claims process, then you need to be watchful not to fall into traps.

According to 2013 customer satisfaction report presented by insure.com, it shows that the big names are not the best when reviews are done by customers who have used services of these insurance companies. The insure.com annual customer satisfaction report showed that USAA, American General, and Kaiser Permanente scored the highest rankings. USAA offers homeowners insurance for military families and it is primed of delivering solid service in their claims process including fair estimations, and timely payments.

USAA received the highest score in both auto insurance and home insurance based on customer service, claims satisfaction, value for price paid, the percentage of customers who plan to renew their coverage, and those who would recommend their present insurer to other people. Irie insurance also had a better ranking in auto insurance based on the same study. Auto-Owners insurance was also ranked well in auto insurance.

In home insurance, Amica Mutual and Country Insurance also scooped better positions. The big groups like Allstate where outsmarted by the small brand names. According to consumersearch.com, Amica Mutual has earned top spots in home insurance policies. The company concentrates on providing excellent services especially in the claims process. The claims process is one of the most frustrating parts of insurance coverage.

Although Amica Mutual offers a wide range of polices to its customers, some groups may be disadvantaged such as those with older homes and mobile homes. Nonetheless, the company is quite picky in determining who it insurers. Moreover, consumersearch.com has also indicated Auto-Owners Insurance as another less known company that has earned the top spots. This company offers homeowners insurance coverage despite its name, which tries to associate it with auto insurance.

Although you can find good insurers, you can also face an array of troubles especially the claim process and cost issues. Insurers are scaling back coverage by imposing high deductibles for windstorms in many areas and cutting coverage for molds as well as dog bites. Other companies are using credit-based insurance scores to raise premium of their current clients and reject prospective ones. Consumers have to be careful with the insurer they deal with to avoid complexities when they buy their policies.

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