There is much anticipation following the introduction of new healthcare insurance exchanges, which will kick off in January 2014. Millions of consumers will be able to compare and buy health coverage through an online marketplace, as long as the website does not continue to crash and cause shopping confusion. These exchanges may be attractive to people who qualify for subsidized coverage. People within low to moderate income levels could be eligible for tax credit that is used straightforward like a gift, something that could reduce their monthly premiums. Although it applies in most of the plans not within the exchange programs, people with pre-existing conditionsRead More →

With the government shutdown keeping many federal and government workers at home and in dire straits, what more could be affected by the shutdown. When congress shut down the government, they put many non-essential federal workers out of a job and out of wages. This put a lot of people in fear that the government shutdown would start a catastrophic snowball and affect every industry in the nation with one fail swoop! Will what happened to government workers affect the insurance companies? Fortunately, the government shutdown will not have an adverse effect on the insurance industry. Since insurance is regulated by each state and notRead More →