Where does Calfifornia rank for auto insurance expense nationwide

California Auto Insurance Rates Ranking

Even if it is not required by law, auto insurance is a necessity in any state in America. While insurance usually ranges around the same area depending on the style, type and even color of your car different states have different minimum rates to obtain auto insurance on your vehicles. These different rates depend on different things such as the state’s size, the population and the amount of accidents in the state. California is among the top 10 states that have the highest car insurance rates. It is the seventh most expensive in the United States. This can be caused by different California laws, inflation, the large number of expensive cars and the big population within the state.

While every state has different rules, most are similar. California laws on auto insurance may differ from other states which will make the auto insurance rates go higher than many other states. This can be a problem for California drivers because they cannot affordably drive their car with the peace of mind auto insurance offers. If you are a California driver be sure that you can not only afford your car, the maintenance and the payments but also any high insurance rate you must pay because of California laws.

California is one of the United State’s most expensive states to live in. From gas to groceries all of life’s necessities cost more and are more expensive for everyday people. This may be because Californian’s boast one of America’s highest gross income averages, but this is not the case for every Californian. Many are making just as much money or less than the rest of America’s population and are still expected to pay higher prices. These high prices are not just for food and fuel but are also a big issue with auto insurance. People who have a hard time paying for life’s necessities may have an even harder time paying for their insurance in California.

A car that has cost a lot of money is obviously going to cost more to maintain and insure because parts and labor for getting it fixed are more expensive. California has a lot of sports cars and luxury automobiles. This contributes to the high average of auto insurance rates within the state. If you compare the averages among counties though, they are more likely to be closer to normal. This highly depends on the different income brackets throughout various parts of California.

High populations contribute to more traffic which in turn contributes to more auto collisions. This is a problem for people with insurance. In California, there are many people and most of these people drive cars as opposed to public transportation in other states that have many cities. The traffic and higher risk of accident will increase insurance rates and cause people to pay more on their auto insurance, especially if they have a long commute or drive more miles per week than the average driver. Car insurance rates in California could be higher because there are more people, more traffic and more accidents in this West Coast state.

Whether you are already a California driver or are thinking about moving to California and driving your car there, it is important to remember that Californian’s pay the most on auto insurance after only 6 other states. This can make it harder to obtain auto insurance for the average person, especially a person who is on a budget. Insurance rates are a huge thing to think about and remember when you are deciding to move to a different state or even different county in your own state.

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