Experience Matters: Your Age and Auto Insurance It isn’t so much about age as it is experience. A single, male driver, even with a single vehicle and a perfect driving record, pays the most for his auto insurance between the ages of 16 and 23. Due to his lack of experience as well as his youthful attitude, studies show that he is most likely, of all age groups, to get into an accident. Because he falls into the category of customer who most often files a claim with the insurance company, it makes sense that he pays a higher premium. Though the male driver is,Read More →

How Your Homeowner’s Insurance Covers Your Personal Belongings in Case of a Fire You should periodically review your homeowner’s insurance policy declarations page so that you are aware of your coverage limits. Homeowner policy coverage is divided into the following areas: Coverage A refers to the primary amount of coverage for your home. Coverage B has to do with other buildings or objects on your property, such as fences, sheds and other such items. This limit is normally 10% of your primary coverage. Coverage C regards your personal belongings. This generally means anything which is not nailed down, including furniture, clothes, jewelry, TVs and soRead More →