Most car insurance policies obtained in the U.S. limit you to coverage while driving across the country. These policies typically don’t cover you when driving in foreign countries such as Mexico or Canada. If you have a vacation home in either one of those countries, and keep a car handy for getting around, you’ll need a policy from an agent inside the country for the right coverage. For small jaunts, you can get a policy that covers the period when you plan to visit. Your Insurance Company Contact your insurance provider or shop carriers to find someone who offers you short-term International insurance coverage asRead More →

Under the Affordable Health Care Act, referred to by many in the news as Obamacare, state health care exchanges will be set up by the year 2014. These health exchanges are set up so that small businesses and individuals can compare all of the rates available for health care plans. Because these exchanges are a legal requirement, many insurance companies are trying to get in on the ground floor, so to speak, so that the law doesn’t leave them behind. Why The Move Toward State Exchanges? The purpose of state exchanges is to help those who might have difficulty getting insurance at reasonable rates toRead More →