When people buy new homes, they pay for their home insurance and sit back comfortably thinking that they are covered for any eventuality that may occur. It is important that you read the fine print of your homeowner’s insurance policy and see if you are covered for natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires, flash floods, etc. You may be surprised to see the scope of your insurance cover does not cover some of these events. For example, you may find that your home is covered against all damage caused by rain, and in some cases this may not cover other forms of flooding. This meansRead More →

Which Are The Most Expensive Cars To Insure? The difference between the costliest and cheapest car to insure may be brought about by a number of aspects. If you think your car coverage is high, then you may need to know how expensive cars cost in terms of insurance. It is certain that the difference between the cheapest and most expensive vehicles to insure could total up to thousands of dollars every year. Based on mainstream cars and not exotic cars, insurance coverage can be increased by various aspects such as the vulnerability of the car to get involved in accidents and the cost ofRead More →

High Mileage Cars -What Insurance Coverage Is Needed? Besides the set regulations, one other aspect that compels you to insure your car is the value of the vehicle. Since you have invested heavily in your car, it means that if it is damaged, you will be dealt a blow especially if you have no insurance coverage to protect you from incurring repair or replacement costs. However, the value of a vehicle starts depreciating when you take it out of the car dealer yard. So how do you determine the correct amount of coverage so as to maximize your potential savings, yet help to mitiage theRead More →