It is a bit odd, but the fact is that most people stick with their auto insurance company for the long haul. The strange part of this is that most of these people stick with the same company not because it offers the the best rates and terms but rather that they simply do not want to hassle with finding a new insurance provider. It is very true that we are bombarded with auto insurance commercials and ads. They are in our newspapers, on the TV and radio as well as all over the internet. So how do you know which insurance policy is bestRead More →

Your home is without a shadow of a doubt the largest single investment you will ever make in your lifetime. Whether you have just purchased a new home or have made some home improvements, the chances are pretty good that you do not have enough homeowner’s insurance. In fact, a big 60% of American homeowners do not have enough insurance to re-build if they were to lose their home in a accident. Most of us, when we buy coverage for our homes purchase the insurance based on the square footage of our house. This is a poor method to use because it does not takeRead More →